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Tell what you will learn in the study program, what skills you will learn and what specializations are offered


The Psychology Study Program at Pembangunan Jaya University has 3 (three) unique characteristics, namely:

  • Industrial psychology (industrial and organizational psychology), which examines psychological principles in the workplace to improve individual and organizational performance.
  • Basic psychological assessment (psychological assessment), which examines psychological assessment techniques to diagnose a person's psychological condition.
  • Psychological intervention (psychological intervention), which examines the principles of changing individual and community behavior.

Profile of Our Graduates

  • Graduates are able to master the concept of psychological assessment.
  • Graduates are able to design intervention programs.
  • Graduates are able to conduct basic psychological research.
  • Graduates have professionalism
  • Graduates have the ability to think logically, critically, systematically, can work independently or in teams and are responsible for the resulting decisions.

What to Learn

Learning Achievements of the Psychology Study Program at Pembangunan Jaya University, namely:

  • Students are able to have professionalism based on the Indonesian Psychology Code of Ethics.
  • Students are able to master the basic concepts of psychology, research, measurement, as well as assessment and intervention in individual, group, organizational and community contexts.
  • Students are able to use critical and systematic thinking skills in implementing science and technology independently according to their field of expertise.
  • Students are able to connect and analyze phenomena in society, and make appropriate decisions both individually and in groups.
  • Students are able to communicate effectively and work together, relating theory to field conditions according to their field of expertise.
  • Students are able to carry out interview observations, psychoeducation, administration and scoring of psychological tests as well as reviewing partial test results, diagnosing psychopathological disorders, and recommending counseling processes in accordance with the Indonesian Psychology Code of Ethics.
  • Students are able to conduct and design scientific research, analyze and evaluate data, and prepare research reports according to the Indonesian Psychology Code of Ethics by utilizing technology.
  • Students are able to analyze phenomena in industry/organizations, recruitment-selection processes, positions, and recommend human resource development programs.
  • Students are able to carry out non-test assessments, analyze and recommend intervention programs to develop individuals and communities.

Future Career

After completing education at the Psychology Study Program at Pembangunan Jaya University, students are expected to be able to work as:

  • Psychologist Assistant
  • Bsic level researcher/research assistant.
  • Workers in the field of human resources.
  • Psychology practitioner.

Alumni Stories

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